Question: How do I scroll my page sideways?

Hmm, I thought I already created this page once. What happened?

I use a Mac with an Apple Magic Mouse. Swiping left/right on the touchpad is a very standard gesture for navigating back/forward in my browser (and other applications). How do I scroll the long-ass list sequence of pages in SFW?

Maha Bali Hi Alex! I think you can use the keyboard arrows left/right. Works well for me.

Michael Caulfield: Maha is right, given a page is selected and active the arrow keys should work. I agree a swipe should work. But as with the missing paragraph I think you're coming to terms with how nascent the interface is -- most work before this year went into the JSON structure, plug-in model, and the data-readiness of the system. I hope you stay on despite difficulties, because I think you of all people would have some great feedback on interface for complex systems.