Question: Can I replace this opaque coloured square with a picture of myself?

I can't even recognize my own avatar, let alone others'.

Alex North: Thanks Jason Green for inspiring me to go look at the source code and discover the API request supporting it. I know I'm rocking the boat here, but I hope my dissent is on a positive path.

How I changed my anonymous flag to a photo. It's not particularly accessible to non-programmers yet, but I'm sure will be added to the SFW code soon. My instructions assume you are using a Mac.


Indeed. That will be a key aspect of Identity and Provenance here.

Jason Green: You can if you have access to the filesystem. I wrote instructions on how to do this blog . Note also the conversation Ward and I had in the comments.

I was stuck on this for a while. They are not avatars. See what Ward wrote about Flags:

From Ward Cunningham

Wiki uses the favicon mechanism to label the origin in a browser tab. We call these flags and use them in many other circumstances. We generate them so that they are recognizable as distinct but still part of a family.


I go back to Mike's metaphor of neighborhoods. In the one where I live, I talk to or just wave at my neighbors. Some I know by name, others just by recognizing them at a glance. I do not have an expectation that they will all walk around with name tags on them. In the wiki, I honestly am stopping to worry about who is who. Maybe rather than having an explicit icon all the time, I may recognize them by their writing voice. If you want to know, hover on the icon at the top of a page, that is the owner. This is probably NotTheAnswerYouWereLookingFor Here, a name tag... Alan Levine

Maha Bali i think the significance of author identification should depend on your goals and context, in some cases it is important to differentiate at least in draft stage. Other times not. I have huge issues with how indirect it is to accept or reject changes. I don't want to accept wholesale (drag n drop not enough coz i may like one change to a para and not another (, so i want an easier way to see changes and more flexibility in accepting ir rejecting

I don't really see SFW as ideal for group writing papers, and there are existing tools that do it well already; It seems better for the research, the idea forming when you are going divergent with ideas. Writing to one version is convergent, and seems clumsy here. That's just my .2 pesos Alan Levine

Jenny Mackness What I really like about Fedwiki is that it challenges our exisiting ways of working and our assumptions about how we interact to learn. I see this wiki as focussing on idea mining rather than on people.