Office Hours

There are many subtle things about how wiki works that can be easily answered in a video chat. I will start scheduling these and am willing to meet at odd hours for happening participants around the world.

We will meet in the same hangout as the weekly developer's chat. I'll tweet when I'm online. hangout

@holden & friends. Hangout in progress. #fedwikihappening

I will quote Pacific Standard Time (PST) which is how I have to set my alarm to be in the hangout on time.

# Schedule

Ward. Dec 17. 2 attended.

Ward. Dec 18. 8 attending.

DIY. Dec 19. 4 am PST. (I'll be sleeping, sorry).

Ward. Dec 19. 10 am PST. 3 attending.

Ward. Dec 19. 4 pm PST. 4 attendng.

Ward. Dec 19 10 pm PST. 5 (?) attended.

DIY. Dec 20 4 am PST.

Ward. Dec 20. 10 am PST. oops. alarm didn't ring.

DIY. Dec 20. 4 pm PST.


Ward. Dec 20. 10 pm PST.